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This website (, hereinafter referred to as 'this Website' or 'the Website') is created and maintained by SUANLITOU (Hong Kong) Limited (hereinafter referred to as 'the Company' or 'SUANLITOU'). Anyone who enters this website, reads any content, registers accounts, downloads any material from this website or uses the information provided on this website agrees to abide by the following terms. These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you and SUANLITOU. If you do not agree to abide by these terms, do not use this site. SUANLITOU reserves the right to update the following terms and conditions at any time without notice, and these updates will also bind you. At any time, in any case, SUANLITOU has the right to refuse any user access to the this website. SUANLITOU reserves the right to correct, modify, update the statementat any time.

1. The copyright statement.
SUANLITOU owns the copyright of all the information contained in the website and relevant websites, or jointly owns the copyright of the information with the information providers in this website and relevant websites. Without the explicit written permission of SUANLITOU, no one shall copy or mirror any content on this website on non-SUANLITOU servers.
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2. Privacy of users.
We respect the privacy of users, without the user's consent, we do not collect user information. The . We promise not to sell or provideuser name, e-mail, address, and other information that are collected due to the needs of the serviceto any third party without our permission.
SUANLITOU will not announce or disseminate any registration information on this website except:
1)  Have obtained a clear authorization from the user in advance;
2)  According to the judgments or rulings of courts and arbitration institutions and other judicial proceedings;
3)  In accordance with the requirements of relevant government authorities;
4)  The user violates the terms of use or other acts that harm the interests of the company;
5)  Other relevant laws and regulations.
The service inthis website can only be providedthe users after registration, and users should provide and update the registration information to ensure the information are true, correct, up-to-date and complete. If you provide any false, false, outdated or incomplete or misleading information, or suspected wrong, false, outdated or incomplete or misleading information, SUANLITOU has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse you to use all or any part of the services provided by this website, now and in the future.

3. Trademark and domain name declaration.
All SUANLITOU words, graphics and imagestrademarks used in SUANLITOU website ( are registered trademarks of legal protection in China or other countries.No businessunit or individual can use the above trademarks in any way without the explicit written permission from SUANLITOU.
SUANLITOU sites domain name is owned by SUANLITOU. Without the explicit written permission from SUANLITOU, no businessunitor individual shall not use.

4. Site Links.
If you want to point to this site as a link, please contact us; after obtaining the written permission of the vote, before the site can be linked. After the link is established, it is authorized to cancel the permission of the link if it considers that the link is no longer suitable under the objective circumstances. When linking to this website, be sure to use the text link (such as without the power of investment in written permission to prohibit the use of force cast patterns and text links); Click on this site to set the link to open another window to display the form, can not be displayed Inside the framework of the link site.

5. Responsibility Disclaimer.
Users understand and agree that SUANLITOU shall not be responsible for any of the followingin any case:
1)  The loss of the transaction;
2)  Trading profits or contract losses;
3)  Business interruption;
4)  Loss of information;
5)  Data damage or loss;
6)  SUANLITOU disappearing or withdrawing the market;
7)  Loss of policy factors;
8)  Force majeure causes losses;
Since its inception, SUANLITOU has been dedicated to serving the Bitcoin mining industry, providing users with all-round service from miner procurement, maintenance and repair, mining farm deployment and revenue payout and exchange. For the "cloud mining services" business, Suanlitou has been holding the operating principles "Refuse the non-full distribution of benefits, open and transparent operation for all customers". This upgrade is initiated to build a global hashrate platform with the most high-quality hashrate service, and to help our friends and customers to maximize the mining revenue.
Any attempt to log in or use (including direct and indirect) SUANLITOU in any way is regarded as accepting and endorsing this statement. This statement was made in accordance with the relevant laws of the People's Republic of China, the content of this statement will be interpreted and applied in accordance with the relevant laws of the People's Republic of China.