Suanlitou Service Agreement

I. Statement .
SUANLITOU(Hong Kong) Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘SUANLITOU’ and ‘the SUANLITOU’) is a SUANLITOU registered in Hong Kong, China under the relevant laws of the PRC. The operation website( and related mobile applications (hereinafter referred to as the 'Platform' or 'This platform'), and based on the platform to provide users with cryptocurrency mining and related services.
The 'SUANLITOU Service Agreement' (hereinafter referred to as 'agreement' and 'this agreement') is governed by the rights and obligations of the users and SUANLITOU in respect of each services. By accessing or using this website, users accept and agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement. SUANLITOU who act as the operator of provide services to users pursuant to this agreement, and SUANLITOU has the the ownership and operation rights of the services. If users do not accept the terms of this agreement, shall not access or use this site.

II. The user declares that has confirmed and promised,
I have read the 'SUANLITOU Service Agreement' carefully. By clicking the Register button or by accessing or using this service, you agree to be bound by this agreement and all additional agreements. This agreement includes the text of this agreement as well as all kinds of rules, statements and explanations that have been published or may be released in the future. All the rules, declarations and explanations are an integral part of the agreement and have the same legal effect as the body of the agreement. Such as the signing of other products on this site related to the agreement will not affect the entry into force of this agreement. If you use this service on behalf of any organization, you represent and warrant that ① the organization is a legal entity in compliance with local laws and regulations; ② users have the right to accept this agreement on behalf of the organization. If you violate this agreement, the agency agrees to be responsible for the user's behavior.
SUANLITOU reserves the right to change or modify the contents of this agreement at any time, including but not limited to any of the policies or guidelines on this website, andany changes will take effect as soon as the website is updated or as soon as the change is announced. Changes will continue to take effect. If you do not agree with this agreement, please stop using this website immediately. If you have any questions about the use of this site, please contact;
This agreement does not cover the legal relationship and legal disputes arising from the hashrate trading between users and other users.

III. The user registration.
Amendment and termination of the agreement.
1.Platform service is only applicable to users aged 18 or above. By accessing or using our services, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age, have not been deprived of the right to use the services, and have full civil capacity under the law. If you do not agree the above conditions, please do not register, otherwise the platform has the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time.
2. You should terminate the registration or stop using the platform service immediately if your country or region where you belong, reside or conduct business activities or other business is not subject to the laws and regulations. At the same time, when you use this platform service, you should judge whether the counter-party has complete civil capacity and decide whether to use the platform service to trade with each other, and you are responsible for all risks related to this platform.
3. You follow the instructions on the platform page to complete the registration process or use the platform of the relevant services means you fully understand and accept all the terms under this agreement. This agreement includes all the terms of this agreement and the various types of rules that the platform has released or may release in the future. All rules are an integral part of this agreement and have the same legal force as the body of the agreement.
4. The platform has the right to modify this agreement from time to time or according to this agreement to develop, modify various specific rules and published in the platform related systems section, without noticing you by separate. You should pay attention to this agreement and the specific rules changes from time to time. If you continue to use this service after the modification of the agreement and the specific rules, means you have fully read, understood and accepted the revised agreement and the specific rules and will follow the revised agreement and the specific rules when using the platform.If you do not agree with the revised agreement, you should stop using the service platform.
5. After you or by authorized by the parties confirmed this agreement and the relevant rules of this platform, the platform have legal effect with you. This Agreement does not deal with any legal relationship or legal dispute between you and other users in our platform arising from internet service or transaction.
6. SUANLITOU has the right under this agreement to cancel the user's account or terminate all the SUANLITOU service, this agreement is terminated on the date of account cancellation.
7. After the termination of this agreement, the user has no right to request any further service or performance of any service, including but not limited to, requiring the user to reserve or disclose to the user account Information, forward to users or third parties any information that they have not read or sent.
8.The termination of this agreement does not affect the defaulting party to investigate the breach of contract liability.

IV. The platform services.
1. Service content.
SUANLITOU providecloud mining andhashrate trade, as a platform provider SUANLITOU does not participate in the actual trading, the actual transaction occurs only between the users.Traders must open an account and increase their hashrateor Bitcoin before starting a trade. Trader may request withdrawal hashrate, and need to subject to the limitations of this agreement.
1.1 The users have the right to browse the real-time information and transaction information of bitcoin on the platform, and have the right to purchase or sell hashrate, store and extract bitcoins through the platform.
1.2 The user has the right to checkaccount and hashratein SUANLITOU platform, the right to use the SUANLITOU providedfunction.
1.3 The users have the right to participate in SUANLITOU activities organized by the platform with the rules.
1.4 SUANLITOU commitment to provide users with other services.

2. Service rules.
2.1 When you dealt with transactions with other user in the process of online trading, once you or any other user submits the request for mediation jointly or by both parties, you have the right to make a mediation decision according to the unilateral judgment. You understand that agree to accept the SUANLITOU judge and adjust the decision.
2.2 You understand and agree that the SUANLITOU has the right to provide the necessary information, such as user information and transaction records provided to the platform, at the request of the government department (including the judicial and administrative department). If you are suspected of infringing on the intellectual property rights of others, SUANLITOU also has the right to provide the right holder with your necessary identity information in the case of the initial judgment of the existence of the alleged infringement.
2.3 You are solely responsible for the accrued taxes and all hardware, software, services and other expenses incurred during the use of the platform's services.
2.4 When using the platform service, you agree that all transactions cannot be changed once they are executed.
2.5 When using the platform service, you agree that SUANLITOU has the right to liquidate the transaction at any time, regardless of profit or loss.
2.6 The user understands and agrees that the SUANLITOU services are provided in accordance with existing technologies and conditions. The platform will do its best to provide services to users to ensure the consistency and security of services; But SUANLITOU can't foresee and prevent law, technology and other risks, including but not limited to force majeure, viruses, trojans, hacker attacks, system instability, third party service defects, government behavior and other reasons may lead to service interruptions, data loss and other loss and risk.
2.7 If theplatform is unable to operate normally due to the following conditions, and the user cannot use the services. SUANLITOU shall not be liable for damages, including but not limited to:
2.7.1 The system power failure period announced by SUANLITOU;
2.7.2 The data transmission can not be carried out due to the failure of the telecommunications equipment;
2.7.3 The power failure caused by force majeure such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power cut, war, terrorist attack, SUANLITOU system failure can not perform business;
2.7.4 Service interruption due to hacker attack, computer virus invasion or attack, technical adjustment or malfunction of telecom sector, website upgrade, banking problems, temporary closure due to government regulation, etc., which may affect the normal operation of the network or delay;
2.7.5 Losses caused by technical problems that are unpredictable or unable to be solved by the existing technical force in the industry;
2.7.6 Losses caused to users or other third parties due to the fault or delay of third parties;
Abnormal transaction due to system failure, network reason, DDos hacker attack and other unexpected factors, market interruption, and other abnormalities that may happen, SUANLITOU have right to abolish the abnormal transaction results, as well as roll back all transactions for a period of time according to the actual situation.
2.8 Some of the SUANLITOU services are provided in a fee way, such as service charge, and please abide by the relevant agreements. SUANLITOU may change and modify the charging standard of the charging service according to the actual needs, and the platform may start charging for some free services. SUANLITOU will make a notice or announcement on the corresponding service page before the modification, change or starting fee. If the user does not agree with the above changes, changes or paid content, the service should be stopped.
2.9 SUANLITOU will not charge any user password, will not let user to send assets to any other third parties out of the platform, please do not believe that any such discounts, offers and other information, SUANLITOU held not liable for the damages caused by this.
2.10 Transaction exception: The user agrees and acknowledges this service, and may be unable to provide the service due to the hashrate network connection problem or other irresistible factors. Ensure that personal information is correct, if caused by wrong information on this website to the abnormal situation occurs, unable to inform users of related transaction processing way, this website is not liable related damages.
2.11 The user agrees to, based on the needs of the operation and transaction security, this website can temporarily stop or limit the service features, or provide new functions, in any function reduce, add or change, as long as the users are still using this service, means the user still agree to this agreement or change after the agreement.
2.12 This website has the right to understand the actual transaction background and purpose of users' use of the products or services of this website, and the users shall truthfully provide the true, comprehensive and accurate information required by this website; If the website has reasonable grounds for suspecting users to provide false transaction information, this website has the right to temporarily or permanently limit the part or all functions of the product or service used by the user.

3. Service status change.
SUANLITOU may change the content of the service, or it may interrupt, suspend, or terminate the service.
3.1 Service termination and freezing.
3.1.1 According to the law, you should submit real information, and the personal data you provide is not true or inconsistent with the registration information and fail to provide reasonable proof;
3.1.2 You have violated the relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this agreement;
3.1.3 According to the requirements of the law or the competent department;
3.1.4 For safety reasons or other necessary circumstances.
3.2 SUANLITOU shall have the right to charge according to the provisions of this agreement. If you are not paid on time, SUANLITOU has the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate the service.
3.3 You can close your account at any time. You are still obligated to fulfill your responsibility for any pending transactions. In addition, you will be responsible toSUANLITOU for any expenses incurred prior to the closure.SUANLITOU may also decide to terminate your account at any time and notify you by email or otherwise. If there is evidence that you have failed to comply with these agreements, SUANLITOU may suspend your access services if it constitutes a possible fraud or management risk. SUANLITOU will not be liable for any loss caused by the closure or suspension of your account.
3.4 The user agrees to, for the sake of the user's account and the safety of the work force, according to the provisions of this agreement, the provisions of the laws and regulations and legal documents, the government in accordance with the requirements of the administrative functions and powers and think of SUANLITOU on the basis of discretion may produce a risk to the user's account, this website reserves the right to freeze on all or part of the account user name, or to temporarily shut down the operation of partial or full access to the account. The reverse process of freezing is thawing, that is, this website freezes the frozen account. Thaw frozen when it happens, such as user application, this website reserves the right to the freezing of the aforementioned reasons in accordance with the provisions of the judge for themselves, according to the project to determine whether to allow all or part of the thawing, users should fully understand the thawing application does not necessarily be allowed, and apply for thawing user shall cooperate with the requirements of this website to verify the identity of the user, including, but not limited to, identity information, id card, passport, other valid identity documents and other information or documents required by SUANLITOU.

V. Responsibility guidelines.
1. User rights.
1.1 The user shall have the right to obtain the award from SUANLITOU after making contributions to the publishing information according to the relevant regulations of the website;
1.2 The user has the right to modify the information in his or her personal account, select the username and input the introductory text, and decide whether to provide the non-required contents;
1.3 Users shall have the right to participate in various online and offline activities provided by SUANLITOU;
1.4 Users shall have the right to enjoy other services provided by the SUANLITOU according to the website.
1.5 If the user disagrees with the modification of this agreement or is dissatisfied with the service of the SUANLITOU, it may exercise the following rights:
1.5.1 Stop using the website network services;
1.5.2 Inform the SUANLITOU to stop its service through customer service and other channels. After the service is completed, the user's right to use the website services is immediately terminated. At the same time, the SUANLITOU will immediately cease to transmit any unprocessed information or perform any uncompleted service to the user and any third party without any direct relationship.

2. User obligations.
2.1 It is forbidden to use this website for divulging state secrets, endangering state security may infringe upon national social collective and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, should not use this site, copy and distribute the following information:
2.1.1 Incitement to resist or undermine the implementation of the constitution, laws and administrative regulations;
2.1.2 Inciting subversion of state power and the overthrow of the socialist system;
2.1.3 Inciting division of the state and undermining national unity;
2.1.4 Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;
2.1.5 Fabricating or distorting facts, spreading rumors and disturbing social order;
2.1.6 Promoting feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror and abetting crimes;
2.1.7 Openly insulting another person or fabricating facts to slander another person or engage in other malicious attacks;
2.1.8 Damaging the reputation of state organs;
2.1.9 Other violations of the constitution and administrative rules and regulations;
2.1.10 Conduct commercial advertising.
2.2 Users shall not use any means of malicious registration of SUANLITOU account, including but not limited to the registration of multiple accounts for profit, speculation, cash payment and awards. Users may not embezzle other user accounts.
Such as user in violation of the provisions of the above, SUANLITOU has the right to take all necessary measures directly, including but not limited to delete user content, cancellation, users in the site of star, honor, and virtual wealth, suspend or sealing up user accounts, cancelled due to an illegal interests obtained, until the user legal responsibilities shall be affixed through litigation form, etc.
2.3 Users shall be prohibited from using any form as a place, platform or medium for engaging in various illegal activities. Without the authorization or permission of SUANLITOU, the user shall not engage in any business activity in the name of the site, nor shall SUANLITOU be used as a place, platform or medium for business activities in any form.
Such as user in violation of the provisions of the above, the SUANLITOU has the right to take all necessary measures directly, including but not limited to delete user content, cancellation, users in the site of star, honor, and virtual wealth, suspend or sealing up user accounts, cancelled due to an illegal interests obtained, until the user legal responsibilities shall be affixed through litigation form, etc.
2.4 Users in SUANLITOU all information published in various forms, shall conform to the laws and regulations and relevant provisions of the state and related regulation of website conform to the society, disgraceful consideration does not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third party subject, otherwise users to assume the resulting all legal consequences, and thus damage, shall have the right to recover from the user.
Under this agreement, we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and use the website services for approval purposes only. You promise that you will not be replicated in any other way, transmission, distribution, sales, licensing, reverse engineering, modify, publish, or participate in the transfer or sell create derivative works, or in any other way to use any content of SUANLITOU.
2.5 All rights of the service and related software, website and technology of this website belong to SUANLITOU, and users shall not transfer the rights or interests of the service.
2.6 Abide by the relevant laws and tax clauses of the People's Republic of China.
2.7 Strictly abide by the trading rules of the website when usingSUANLITOU website, including but not limited to:
2.7.1 In browsing the trading information read carefully all the information contained in the content, such as price, quantity, poundage, direction, etc., are bought or sold in the reading and make sure all transaction information point accordingly.
2.7.2 As the user information for the deal to submit when confirmed a trade, it indicates that the users authorized agency accordingly dealmaking, the SUANLITOU will be done automatically when the condition of satisfy all users trust dealmaking without advance notice users, users are aware of and agree. The user has the right to cancel or modify the delegate at any time before the transaction is concluded.

3. Platform rights and obligations.
3.1 Such as the user does not have the registration of the agreement, SUANLITOU has the right to refuse the user register, the registered user shall have the right to cancel SUANLITOU membership account, such as SUANLITOU suffers damage shall have the right to claim compensation of the responsible persons. At the same time, SUANLITOU reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept user registration under any other circumstances.
3.2 SUANLITOU shall have the right to suspend the use of the account when it finds that the account user is not the original user of the account.
3.3 SUANLITOU through the way of detecting technology, such as artificial sampling reasonable doubt provided by the user errors, inaccurate, invalid or incomplete information, have the right to notify the user to correct, update information or suspend, terminate the service providing SUANLITOU.
3.4 SUANLITOU shall have the right to correct the information when it finds that any information displayed on SUANLITOU is clearly wrong.
3.5 SUANLITOU reserves the modified at any time, the right to suspend or terminate the website services, the SUANLITOU to exercise the right to modify or discontinue services do not need to notify users in advance, SUANLITOU termination of one or more services, termination of website shall take effect on the date of termination notice posted on the website.
3.6 SUANLITOU shall take necessary technical means and management measures to ensure the normal operation of the platform, and provide necessary and reliable trading environment and transaction services, and maintain the order of calculating force transactions.
3.7 If the user has not used the website account and password for one year, the website has the right to cancel the account of the user. After the account is cancelled, SUANLITOU has the right to open the corresponding member name to other users for registration.
3.8 SUANLITOU by strengthening technical input, improve safety measures to ensure the user's money and calculate managed security force, have an obligation to appear in the user funds may inform the user when foresee a security risk.
3.9 SUANLITOU has the right to during the performance of this agreement and after termination of this agreement to keep the user's registration information service and user application SUANLITOU during all the information, including but not limited to personal information, transaction information, etc., but must use specified in this agreement, shall not be illegal use of such information.
3.10 SUANLITOU shall have the right to delete at any time within the website is not in conformity with the national laws and regulations, regulatory documents or the website provides user evaluation of content information, SUANLITOU the exercise of such rights does not need to notify users in advance.
3.11 SUANLITOU shall have the right to according to the state organs (including but not limited to public security organs, procuratorial organs, courts, customs, tax authorities and judicial organs and administrative organs, military organs) requirements for users in the account items and account for inquiry and freeze or deduct.
3.12 When users use the services provided by this website, SUANLITOU shall have the right to collect service fees from users according to relevant rules. SUANLITOU shall have the right to make and adjust the service fee, and the specific service fee shall be used for the payment method listed in the website or other written agreement reached by the user and the website. Unless otherwise stated or agreed, the user agrees that SUANLITOU shall have the right to deduct the above service charges directly from the assets of the user account.
When using the services provided by SUANLITOU, the user should confirm that it is legal and correct, and that its power and legal currency are not derived from illegal activities. Within the scope permitted by law, SUANLITOU has the right to coordinate with local law enforcement authorities to control, limit or empty the user's account, legal currency and computing power.
3.13 SUANLITOU(Hong Kong)Limited intellectual property rights to SUANLITOU all the content on the website, including but not limited to the website and the client in the text, graph, LOGO, design, database, source code, etc. Users shall not copy, disseminate or alter such behavior without permission.

VI. The risk of bitcoin transactions.
The risk of bitcoin transactions is extremely high.
1. The bitcoin market is brand new, unconfirmed, and probably not growing. At present, bitcoin is mainly used by speculators, with relatively few retail and commercial markets. Therefore, the price of bitcoin is volatile and thus adversely affects the investment of bitcoin.
2. The bitcoin market has not been limited by the ups and downs of the stock market, while trading is open 24 hours a day. With fewer chips, the price is easily controlled by bookmakers, and it is likely that the price will rise several times a day, and the price may fall by half in one day.
3. Participating in bitcoin transactions, users should control the risk by themselves, evaluate the value of bitcoin investment and investment risk, and bear the economic risk of losing all investments.
4. Due to the national laws, regulations and regulatory documents formulated or modified, leading to currency trading is suspended, or forbidden, so all the economic loss caused shall be borne by the user.

VII. Agreement guidelines.
1. Agreement disputes.
This agreement is made in accordance with the relevant laws of the People's Republic of China. The contents of this agreement shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the relevant laws of the People's Republic of China. Any dispute arising from the performance of this agreement between the user and SUANLITOU shall be settled through friendly negotiation. If no settlement can be reached through negotiation, shall settle the dispute according to the law of the People's Republic of China.

2. Effectiveness of the agreement.
This agreement is legally binding upon SUANLITOU and the user, when the user agrees to register and complete the registration procedure, and obtain SUANLITOU account and password. These agreements provide for a complete understanding of the content of the service and supersede all prior understandings and communications relating to it. Any other documents inconsistent with the contents of this agreement shall not be binding upon SUANLITOU. You declare and ensure that all information disclosed to SUANLITOU relating to this service agreement is true, accurate and complete.
If one of the provisions of this agreement is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, the provisions of this agreement shall be severable, and the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement shall not be affected.
All headings in this agreement are for the purpose of the description and are not construed as an expansion or limitation of the terms.