E1 Contract Abstract
  • Miner:E1
  • Power:275W+9%
  • Management Fee:6%
  • Contract Hashrate:50.0 MH/s
  • Electricity Cost:0.081 USD/kW·h
  • Quarterly power failure risk fund:3%
  • Est Daily Revenue:0.00403900 ETH/Share
  • Settlement Time:Daily, 14:00 GMT +8
  • Period:Open-ended contract, till unprofitble for 10 continuous days
  • Contract Details
  • FAQ
1. About Suanlitou E1
Suanlitou E1 is customized according to our requirements. E1 is applied with 8 RX570, and the whole machine rated hashrate is 233Mh/s.
2. Hashrate unit
50 Mh/s per share.
3. Electricity Cost
Electricity cost is 0.081 USD/kW·h.
4. Service Charge
6% of mining income will be charged as management fee, which is used for farm maintenance, deployment, staff expenses, emergencies, risk prevention etc; And 3% of mining income will be charged as Quarterly power failure risk fund to guarantee the miners’ 24 hours stable operation and payout. If there is no regional blackouts and no other power failure caused by force majeure, Suanlitou will be return the fund to customer in the form of candy quarterly.
5. Mining income
We mine in the partner pool and adopt FPPS (Full PPS) settlement mode. Compared with the traditional PPS settlement mode, FPPS allocates all benefits including miners fee. The mining income will be the theoretical FPPS yields which won’t be affected by the operational conditions of miners.
6. Revenue settlement
The estimated daily income is calculated by the actual operation of the cryptocurrency network. It will change dynamically, only for reference. The mining income, deducted by management fee and electricity cost will be the actual yields, electricity cost is caculated by the real-time exchange rate of USD/Bitcoin. The hashrate revenue is recorded by minute, we payout previous day’s profit at 14:00 GMT+8 daily.
7. Redemption of miners
To guarantee efficiency, all miners will run in high-standard facilities and mine in our cooperating pool. No pool selection service available. Suanlitou provide redemption service.
8. Termination of contract
The contract will be terminated automatically when there’s zero actual yields for 10 consecutive days. The customers can require Suanlitou to recover the miner according to the residual value.
9. Warnings
Price fluctuation is frequent for cryptocurrency and the mining difficulty will be adjusted frequently. Price drop and increase of difficulty will lead to a drop of mining income. Suanlitou won’t promise a 100% ROI whether on cryptocurrency or fiat money terms. Please evaluate the risks you can handle before investing in cryptocurrency mining

Suanlitou reserves the rights of final explanation for this contract.