1、What is Suanlitou cloud mining?

Instead of mining by yourself, we offer you the most cost-effective mining service with low power consumption and low-cost electricity, in high yields FPPS pool and professional maintenance, to provide you with the highest cost-effective mining service. You can to start mining by purchasing hashrate contracts, trading and other means, eliminating all the worries of mining and receive a high return on investment. Through large-scale professional mining farm deployment, we minimize costs and maximize mining revenue.


Mining process: ① purchase of miners and accessories → ② Transport miners to farm → ③ Deployment of miners and supporting facilities → ④ 24 hrs of Professional maintenance → ⑤ High-yield FPPS mode automatic daily payout. A batch of contract hashrate share one pool account, FPPS's actual income including miner fee is equally divided and traceable, you can mine to receive your mining profit easily.

2、Do you charge any fee for cloud mining contract?

Besides the contract purchase expenses, we will charge daily electricity cost, and 6% management fee is used for farm maintenance, deployment, staff expenses, emergencies, risk prevention etc, and 3% quarterly power failure risk fund from your daily mining income.

3、Where are your mining farms? Are they real?

Our farms are located in Inner Mongol, Sichuan, Sinkiang of China and Canada with the low electricity cost, 100% real mining hashrate!

4、How to purchase cloud mining contract?

Login official website: www.suanlitou.com, open Hashrate page, choose and place order of cloud mining contract and pay as website guiding. You also can buy hashrate in trade market in Trade page directly.

Futures hashrate start to generate revenue from 00:00 GMT +8 online day and will pay on 14:00 GMT +8 the next day. The hashrate bought in trade market is profitable instantly and calculated by actual time length and will pay on 14:00 GMT +8 the next day.

5、How is mining income counted?

We mine in the partner BTC.com pool and adopt FPPS (Full PPS) settlement mode. Compared with the traditional PPS settlement mode, FPPS allocates all benefits including miners fee and can be increased by 10% to 20%. The mining income will be the theoretical FPPS yields which won’t be affected by the operational conditions of miners.

6、How long can I get my money back and how much more can I mine?

Contract is open-ended. Based on the current mining difficulty and market price, take S9 contract as an example, the estimated recovery time will be around 8 to 12 months. Mining income after that will be your pure profits. But we won’t guarantee 100% ROI or profitability as market swing is hard to anticipate. You need to evaluate possible risks for investment. But compared to speculation, mining will be a more sustainable and lasting investment in cryptocurrency.

7、Why would a contracts be terminated if it is on open-ended term?

Mining revenue depends on the difficulty and the price of the cryptocurrency, the drastic increase difficulty or large fluctuations in the cryptocurrency prices may lead to a sharp decline in mining revenue, if there’s zero actual yields for 10 consecutive days, the contract is terminated automatically.After the termination of the contract, Suanlitou has residual value redemption plan: The users can entrust the company to sell at the market price, or take the miners by customers themselves, customers need to pay for corresponding remove and logistics costs.

8、Can I terminate or redeem my contract before termination?

To guarantee efficiency, all miners will run in high-standard facilities and in BTC.com pool. Pool selection function is not provided. Suanlitou provides redemption and trade service. Customers can terminate contract and redeem miner ahead of the contract schedule, please contact customer service for early termination scheme details.

9、Can contract be canceled and refund?

Cloud mining contract is an investment, please consider the investment risk at first. Suanlitou don’t give any investment advice as the service provider, and we doesn’t refund once the order is completed. 

10、More questions?

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