Suanlitou Global Preacher Project

2018-04-20 09:14


As one of the world's leading cloud mining hashrate service platforms, Suanlitou has focused on mining industry and blockchain technology since establishment. We dedicated to providing with most high-quality blockchain products and related services.

With the development, we have met and attracted many talents who aspire to blockchain technology, and have established a young team. In order to improve the company's growth and accelerate the development of blockchain related products, we initiate the Global Preacher Project on the basis of the existing business.


What is Global Preacher Project?

1. We recruit global partners to organize relevant resources and channels, integrate projects and implement blockchain ground products.

2. SUANLITOU service overview:

1) The world's top datacenter resources or joint operation.

2) Professional datacenter maintenance team are 7/24 standby with deep talent pool.

3) The multiple procurement channel of mining machine, including the existing brand miners and various algorithms mining machine.

4) For more in-depth cooperation and sustainable development of the quality project, Suanlitou will provide the best support.

3. A view of ongoing projects:

A new product is coming online.

The development of MTCOIN led by the expert team of blockchain.


How to join the Global Preacher Project?

Please send your project information or preliminary idea to the following email: We will contact you later.