Ants S9 contract termination notice

2018-11-19 11:31

Dear suanlitou users:



Because the ant S9 contract has been unable to pay the management fee and electricity fee for 10 consecutive days since November 7, 2018 solstice November 16, 2018. According to the suanlitou computing power service agreement, the calculating power contract will be terminated automatically if the successive 10-day contract proceeds are insufficient to cover the management fees and electricity charges. Hereby make an announcement:


1、The ant S9 contract will terminate automatically at 0:00 on November 16, 2018.

2、According to the suanlitou computing power service agreement, suanlitou will launch the residual value scheme. If you have the ant S9 contract, please contact the customer service to bring it back to the mine. According to the contract agreement, the withdrawal fee will be 200 RMB per set, and the freight will be paid at destination.

3、A week after the announcement, if the customer service is not contacted to withdraw the machine, the property right of the S9 contract of ant will be abolished, and suanlitou will dispose of the machine by itself.

4、Due to the large number of statistics, it takes a lot of manpower time to take off the shelves. All the mining machines will be cleared by suanlitou unified time, and the customer service will provide the corresponding logistics orders to the customers after the delivery of the logistics. Thank you.



Customer service emai l:


Note: Suanlitou (Hong Kong) limited reserves the right of final interpretation

Suanlitou (Hong Kong) co. LTD

19, 2018