Suanlitou Referral Program 2.0 new upgrade, more discount and bonus for you. Join our referral program now!

Buying with referral code to enjoy 1% discount, and the referral will win BTC bonus. More consumption, more bonus!

Referral Program 2.0 Details

Purchase with Discount

You can get a 1% discount on purchases by filling in the referral code(The referral code will be filled in automatically if you register and purchase through others` referral link). The discount of referral code will take effect immediately, and the order price will be changed after filling. Please note the referral code can`t be modified after filling it. You cannot use your own referral code.

Share to Others and Win Bonus

Share your referral code with others, and you`ll be rewarded with a portion of the consumption when other people register through your referral link and purchase or fill in your referral code to purchase. If the one-time order amount is less than $500, 1% of the total amount will be awarded to you, paid in BTC; If the one-time order amount exceeds $500, 1.5% of the total amount will be awarded and paid in BTC. The referral code can be used many times and is valid for a long time.
How to participate in Suanlitou referrals program?

Share your referral link or referral code with facebook, twitter, blogs, BBS and other social networks so that other people can enjoy the purchase discount and bring you bitcoin rewards.

How does referrals program work?

When someone uses your referral link to register and purchase or purchase directly using the referral code, they will receive a 1% discount. Part of the purchase amount will be converted into BTC as a reward to you. The reward will be paid within 24 hours and you can check it in "My Referral Bonus".

Scope and time of the referrals program?

Suanlitou Referral Program is long term and is applicable to all hashrate contracts including futures and spot contracts. Suanlitou may adjust the discount and reward ratio according to the market, subject to the latest official website data.

My Referral Bonus
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Suanlitou reserve all the right for the final explanation.